Studio Chatter

Here’s what students have to say about lessons

Why do you keep coming back for lessons?

“They are fun. I enjoy flute lessons. [Donna and I] get along. I learn a lot in lessons. If I ask to learn about a new topic/piece, Donna is open to teaching it; she is willing to customize my learning.

“Support, the safe learning environment Donna creates, Donna pushes me and challenges me but in a caring way. Donna is passionate about music and she loves passing this one to others.”

What would you like potential students to know about taking lessons with me?

Donna has a really good ear. She can identify aspects of the music that can be improved and she communicates them in a kind and relatable way. She has been playing and practicing for decades so she has dealt with everything I am going through on flute.

“Donna will challenge you and support you the entire way. You will consistently progress in a safe learning environment. Donna is very effective at teaching online; I feel that I am consistently progressing 200 miles from my hometown.”

What’s your favorite thing about music lessons?

Music lessons are fun. I do not feel pressure to be perfect. I am comfortable with making mistakes and learning. Donna is a fun person to take lessons from.

Lessons let me learn new solos, duets, and overall variety of music; music [improves] when I practice teacher’s suggestions; I can hear the improvement.”

“Donna makes the lessons fun; her corrections are helpful, not hurtful or harsh; lessons provide a nonjudgmental space and Donna meets students where they are; I can hear the improvement.”